Cloudflare proxy line moved

Out of the blue (May 7, 2021), all of my referral information in the Visitor report reflected only Cloudflare IPs. I’m not aware of any changes either to my Matomo implementation or Cloudflare but I’m guessing something changed on the latter. In any event, I found the help page on Matomo’s site regarding proxy’s and uncommenting the Cloudflare line. But it points to config/config.ini.php and the line is now in the global.ini.php file. I figured I’d share in case anyone else wasn’t sure where to find it, and in case the FAQ could be updated.


The config.ini.php contains your config while the global.ini.php contains the default values (and should never be modified).
If you want to change some setting, copy it over to the config.ini.php (in the correct section) and modify it there.

Thank you, that’s helpful.