Cloud: tracking url with double slash no longer working?

Hello everyone,

I encountered a really strange issue. For some part of the webshop of our client it required to track to Matomo on the server side (custom content tracking).

This worked great until a few hours ago. All of the sudden the custom content stopped being tracked without us changing anything.

I then realized that we’ve been using a “wrong” tracking url all the time with a double slash ( But that did work until today! Now all of the sudden it stopped working. I removed the extra slash and now it’s working again.

Do you know if Matomo changed something regarding this? What’s confusing is that the tracking url with double slash can still be called via browser with a status code 200, I don’t get a 404 or whatever. Really strange… Maybe someone knows something.

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I dont have a real answer for you, just an info.

Using doubleslashes (or any number of slashes you want) is valid after RFC3986. But if it comes to rewriting and such things, the number of slashes may matter!

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I just heard back from the Matomo cloud support team and they confirmed that they did indeed made some changes on the server the night before and that the double slash might no longer work,

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