Clicks not showing up as Events in debug / preview


When in preview mode, in the left area where the events are (ex. PageView), nothing shows up there when I click on anything. Should it?

I made a trigger for all element clicks, with no filters and related tag just to test this and nothing happens. I tried adding a filter to click destinations that don’t contain my domain and other various click ones.

I made a trigger and related tag for scroll reach and that works. However when I go away from the original page, no new tags fire either (including pageview) so it seems like the click thing isn’t the core problem but I don’t know where to begin.

Our site is built using React / Gatsby. Could that be related?

I have quite the same problem on my single page website in AngularJS.
Many clicks trigger don’t fire any event, I suppose it’s because most of them have ng-click=… or Onclick=… on their links. (i already opened a subject for that) Only simple links nnn gets fired.
And also the events are fired on the first page, but not on the next ones …
I’m actually looking for a way to tell the tag manager that the content page has changed and probably needs to refresh the triggers and events.

I tried installing the tag manager into another website that we have that’s not built on React / Gatsby and it worked. So I guess the issue is JS? I’m not sure. Would be great if anyone has any ideas.