ClickHeat Plugin Installation Issues

(abaddon) #1

Hi all,

I’m new the the forum and would like to help contribute to the Piwik community. One thing I’ve been having problem with recently, however, is getting one of the plugins for Piwik up and running (ClickHeat)

I’ve checked the forums for some of the code changes necessary in order to find some of the library files, however I’m still having troubles getting it going. I’ve tried uploading ClickHeat onto my website and installing separately from Piwik and it works fine, however getting it to work as a plugin is still causing problems.

To detail what I’ve done thus far:


I’ve replaced the “include ('plugins/ClickHeat/libs…” strings with “include (PIWIK_INCLUDE_PATH.’/plugins/ClickHeat/libs…” to help Controller.php locate the necessary files under the libs folder


Some errors cleared, however fatal error still exists on line 63

“Fatal error: Call to a member function read() on a non-object in /home/getsh1/public_html/capableseo/piwik/plugins/ClickHeat/Controller.php on line 63”


The plugin activation didn’t install ClickHeat under Piwik


Attempted manual install of ClickHeat plugin by going to “/piwik/plugins/ClickHeat/libs/” in order to access the ClickHeat files there


ClickHeat can not install due to not having write permissions in the config directory

Is there some code I’m missing that I need to pop in there in order to get it to recognize and activate the install properly? I’ve considered rewriting some of the directory draw parameters to draw from the stand-alone install that works fine, however even doing that (defining the CLICKHEAT_CONFIG and other directories to pull from the other install, however I just can’t seem to get past the fatal error on line 63 of the Controller.php

Thoughts anyone?