ClickHeat Page redirects to Dashboard

(Kassem Mentis) #1

I Install ClickHeat Plugin in Piwik , But when clicking on it the page redirects to Dashboard.
Please Help.

(Arvi LEFEVRE) #2

Same here, a fix would be awesome!

(Tassoman) #3

Hello to you all, there are FAQs on the Plugin’s page if those questions aren’t’ useful maybe the better choice is to open an issue on its GitHub repository or contact directly the author

(Arvi LEFEVRE) #4

To avoid the redirect, press escape and then you will see you need to insert a JS in your page, but it still doesn’t work. But you’re right, I’ll report this on github :slight_smile:

(Sven Scheuermann) #5

Yes, same here… fix would be highly appreciated ! …pressing escape didn’t work for me, still getting back to the dashboard … also checked the FAQ but no suggestion for the issue either… here the link to the github issue: ClickHeat redirects to Dashboard · Issue #18 · piwikjapan/plugin-clickheat · GitHub