Click tags not always fired (Angular JS)

Hi ,
I’m working on an php / angularjs / bootstrap CMS (Rubedo).
I use the standard code tracker for pageview : _paq.push([‘trackPageView’]);

I’m trying to create events in the Tag Manager for clicked elements.
I have created the Tags and Triggers in my container.

It works well for some tags, but for most of them, the tags are not fired.

It seems that when i have some ng-click= ‘… code here ……’ ; on these elements, the tag don’t work.
Or maybe there is another reason …

Any issue for this ?

One guess would be that the element is generated as an event. Do you have any clues how to track it @Lukas ?

Seems that i solved that problem by adding a setTimeout(function to include the _paq.push([‘trackPageView’]);
and also added _paq.push([‘setGenerationTimeMs’, 800]); just before trackPageView
is it good ?

Click trigger are now fired every time, but the scroll event is fired only on the first page.
Any idea to solve this ?