Clearing old error messages

I am getting below message because I had some proxy errors when I first tried to install the plugin:

Failed to download plugin from curl_exec: OpenSSL SSL_read: SSL_ERROR_SYSCALL, errno 104. Hostname requested was:

I have since sorted the issue, and resolved the issue but the error appears every time I log in. Is there anyway to clear this message?

Similarly I’m getting this in the diagnostics check:

[GoogleAnalyticsImporter] Required Executables (nohup) Matomo cannot find the nohup executable. The Google Analytics Importer uses nohup to execute the import process so it will continue on its own after a web request finishes. This executable must be present and accessible from PHP in order for the importer to function.

Again this has been dealt with and the import is working away but can’t seem to clear the message.


This seems to be a bug similar to

Creating a new session (e.g. by logging out and deleting all cookies) should fix it.

Thanks! That fixed the first issue but not the second.