Clear goal history

Hello everyone,

We recently implemented a goal based on an event name, but the event had bad implementation and led to wrong data.
Now, it’s not a big deal to have a wrong event implementation (for 4 days) but it completely polluted our goals metrics. And after the goal suppression, the data stays the same.

Is there a way to fix this please ?

Thank you very much in advance for your help,
Baptiste Lagae

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Hi @Baptiste_Lagae
I suggest first you remove visits with polluted data:

You can either update data directly in the DB, but do it carefully! If badly done, it could make Matomo not working well anymore:
See in particular: log_visit.visit_goal_converted, log_conversion.*.

Then don’t forget to recalculate reports:

Hi @heurteph-ei,

Thank you very much for your quick answer !
About RGPD Tool, we are talking about thousands of visits concerned and it doesn’t seem I can filter by Event Name (or am I wrong ?)

About using DB, I am not very confortable with it (to not say not at all) unless you know where I can find some very accessible documentation and proceed step by step (from 0) without taking too much risk ?
Furthermore, I am on Matomo Cloud and not On-Premise

Every idea is welcome and thanks in advance for your help everyone !

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@Babtiste Lagae, please consider the information in this discussion:
There are little bit mistakes with “delete” in the database.

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Hi @Baptiste_Lagae
As you use Matomo cloud, then you can ask customer service by email if they can help.

Thank you very much for your help @heurteph-ei @melbao

Unfortunately, Matomo customer service advices me to use GDPR tool but all visits that have reached some interesting goal have also reached the goal I want to exclude, so I cannot just delete them (because if I do so, I will have 0 goals attained…)

I thought of a semi-solution creating a segment excluding visits that only reached the goal I want to exclude and none others. But I am afraid main data will forever be polluted…

Thanks again, have a great day guys

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