Class not found

Lately, after a day or two go by, I get this error, and I have to pretty much delete the system and re-upload it.

[17-Aug-2014 01:25:38 UTC] PHP Fatal error:  Class 'ComposerAutoloaderInitbfa9143515c8fd8bec33ca7b133d439e' not found in /home1/***********/public_html/piwik/vendor/autoload.php on line 7

Anyone have any clue how to fix this or whats going on?

Could you upgrade to Piwik 2.5.0 from:

Okay, that did not fix the error.

[11-Nov-2014 00:19:01 UTC] PHP Fatal error:  Class 'ComposerAutoloaderInitfa4c41f497b26c7414baee7a4ded02d9' not found in /home1/***********/public_html/piwik/vendor/autoload.php on line 7

It seems like after a month or so, this error pops up and Piwik stops working all together and I have to empty the tmp folder to get it to work again and stop spitting that error, but that is only a temp fix, the problem still exist and does come back after some time passes.

Umh sorry but I have no idea about this one! Also Im wondering why emptying the tmp/ folder would remove such error?

Leave it to me to be able to find a bug when nobody else can. I guess that what make me a good alpha/beta tester for games. All i know is that it has to be something with a temp file that is being created, and maybe not updating or something. I dunno.

I will wait for the error to popup again and once that happens, I will go through the temp files to see if I can narrow down the file that may be causing the error. Maybe from there, there will be more and a insight to what is going on.