Class not found after 2.5.0 -> 2.6.1 update

Did a git upgrade from 2.5.0 checkout to 2.6.1 checkout. PHP is 5.5.16 Afterwards get:

PHP Fatal error:  Class 'Piwik\FrontController' not found in /path/to/piwik.php on line 94

Trying to run the console gets:

Class 'Piwik\Translate' not found in /path/to/console on line 22

Is there any composer or other manual commands required for manual updates for 2.6.1? I’ve reverted back to 2.5.0 and it is working fine again for the time being.

You need to do a composer install when using git checkout.

Thanks. I had checked some of the 2.6.x upgrade issues and making sure not to run composer was mentioned so had held off. Will make a note to do so with future checkouts. Thanks again.

hi to all
I have trouble with last upgrade too.
below error faced when i want to access Admin panel.
(Fatal error: Class ‘Piwik\Plugin\ControllerAdmin’ not found in /home/saeeded/public_html/piwik/core/dispatch.php on line 16)
I dont understand, exactly what should i do to recover previous setting for PIWIK
what the “composer install” ??


saeeded if you have the git checkout there is a composer.phar file in the root. You would do a

php composer.phar install

which will update the files for you.