Clarity on Log Analytics FAQ

Matomo friends, Hi I was reading the FAQ ( ) on Log Analytics and need some clarification. If I had a centralized matomo instance on it’s own servers and I have a client website (hosted elsewhere) that is interested in using Log Analytics to track activity (as opposed to the generated JS block). It isn’t clear to me, from the FAQ, what are the requirements for the client system as opposed to the requirements of my central matomo instance. Please confirm I have this right:

Requirements for central matomo instance:

  • Matomo instance up and running
  • Unique website profile with siteID=X
  • Python ?

Requirements for remote client website:

  • matomo full software distro installed (with PHP?) (Full Matomo package? )
    OR just the matomo-log-analytics package found here: ?
  • Python (ver to match matomo base ver)
  • Execution of the “” script in a cron or other schedule
  • Execution of the script to include identity of central matomo: “–url” parameter
  • Execution of the script to include unique siteID prebuilt on central matomo instance: “–idsite” parameter
  • Execution of the script to include authentication for central matomo instance: “–token-auth” parameter

Thanks for your help!


I think you understood it correctly.
The server who has Matomo needs nothing apart from the normal Matomo setup (no python).

The server(s) who contain the log files, don’t need any Matomo setup or PHP at all, but just the log analytics python script and python. (you can get the script from too)

The only difference is that you need to specify the --token-auth parameter, which when you are running the python script on the Matomo server, it can fetch it automatically.

One day in the future the python script might be replaced with a PHP script so that Matomo doesn’t depend on python at all.

Thank you for the response Lukas. If anyone else who has run this setup in their shop could confirm, it would be welcome.