Clarification Please - config.ini.php vs global.ini.php

Working through some issues and following this: "Note: the first time you want to upload a custom plugin you will activate this feature once by editing you config/config.ini.php file and below the catatory [General] add: enable_plugin_upload=1.

I’m working to incorporate a modifed “config.ini.php” into my docker build. So, I go and download Matomo to obtain a copy of the config.ini.php. But the global.ini.php is the only config file available there. Where is the config.ini.php file??

It seems the config/config.ini.php is created by Matomo during initial install phase…

Thank you for that as that was never made clear in anything I was reading.

I was seeing this like the below also which was leading me astray:

# Extend the official Matomo Docker image
FROM matomo:3.13.0

# Install unzip
RUN apt update && apt install -y unzip

# Download, unzip and install the EnvironmentVariables plugin
RUN curl -o \ \
      && unzip \
      && rm \
      && mv EnvironmentVariables /usr/src/matomo/plugins

# Bring along our personalized Matomo config file
COPY config.ini.php /usr/src/matomo/config/config.ini.php

I imagine this is for the case you already an instance of Matomo, and you want to create a docker copy of it…

I would like to modify the config file with: catatory [General] add: enable_plugin_upload=1

And then perform: COPY config.ini.php /usr/src/matomo/config/config.ini.php in my dockerfile for the build. This would allow us to upload our plugins via the app that are in zip files. Right now we have no outside access to the Matomo marketplace.

The only solution I see is install Matomo on some server, and take a copy of the config.ini.php file…