Chrome Extension

I built a simple Chrome Browser extension to check your site stats. Feel free to download and check it out at:

Any feedback appreciated. I hope to add more features soon!


Looks cool. Is the extension open source, eg. can we see the code on github? it would be important to make sure the app is clean :slight_smile:

Also do you need this:

“This extension can access: Your data on all websites”

Some users might be worried of such power for the extension ?

Nice work otherwise looks forward to next versions (and open source!) :slight_smile:


I will add to github and ensure a link is included in the Chrome Store.

With regards to “This extension can access: Your data on all websites” - this is required to perform the XMLHttpRequest to the Piwik API.

I’ll add some more detail but I guess the open source code will tell all if people are concerned.

Any suggestions for new features?


I could have many ideas to improve… but first of all one question: Nick… how about an Firefox extension? :slight_smile:

good work…