Chrome displaying RED screen saying "Deceptive site ahead"

I am running on Matomo 4.13.0.
A couple of days ago all my websites that I track started getting a red screen saying “Deceptive site ahead”. By removing the Wordpress Matomo plugin the site was ok.
I am self hosting Matomo as a subdomain on my Plesk server. That subdomain still has the problem with the red screen.
If I use any other browser everything is fine.
Is any body else having this problem and what is the solution?

Googling on the error message “Deceptive site ahead” shows several hints for fixing the issue.
I saw for example that some WP themes could be the reason of such a ranking…

I finally fixed this. Google had flagged my Matomo server as a phishing site even though Matomo is the only thing that runs on the site and the site is clean. The result of them flagging the Matomo server is that ALL my sites that are connected to Matomo would come up with the red screen. I requested that Google unflag my Matomo server. While I waited I had to deactivate wp-matomo on all my sites. A couple of days later Google said that they had approved my Matomo server. I then had to go back into all my sites and activated wp-matomo and the plugin connected without a problem. A lot of extra work!

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Well another update. Google has again flagged my Matomo server as bad. They just said it was ok 3 days ago. This is really frustrating.

This seems to become more often…