Chmod permissions

Yesterday I did my first “one-click-update” and it seemed to work except that I had to manually chmod the temp directory to 774 at some point. Anyway piwik was working last night. this morning I logged in and everything stopped at “loading data” and not even the css files were loaded. What I did was set all plugin directories to chmod 777, reloaded piwik again and it loaded correctly. I then reset chmod to 774 on all plugin directories, reloaded the piwik homepage and everything was still there.

I’m a little bit at a loss about what’s happening here. I tried searching for correct chmod settings but found nothing. How do they need to be set? It doesn’t seem very safe setting them all to 777 …

My plugin directories are all 755 and it´s working without problems.

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To clarify: this is not so much a file permission issue as it is a file ownership one.

You can chmod your files to 0600 and directories to 0700, if your web server uses the same user id as the one that owns the files being served. If you don’t want to chown, use Apache’s User directive in your vhost configuration.