Check broken links

I have a suggestion to check for broken links of the website in the reporting tool

This could easily be built as a plugin. I don’t think it would be useful to have in core, since you’ll end up with a lot of links when you have bigger websites.

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My website seem to have some brokenlinks, I want to remove those broken links and make it search engine friendly. I am using both piwik & analytics but I failed to identify broken links. Can you suggest which plugin can be used?

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There is none right now - I said it would be easy to implement one though.

You can track 404 pages and the URL referer: How to - Analytics Platform - Matomo

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This works Matt but :

  1. It’s then hidden and collapsed in Actions=> Page Titles
  2. It doesn’t show up in PDF reports

I think it would be better to get it’s own report tab, away from normal pages.


If you are right, then please tell me how to link checker for websites in the reporting tool.
I am waiting for your response.