Channel Attribution - Organic - Search Query Not Provided

Hi, new to Matomo and just about to test but very keen to know if Matomo provides the actual Search Query to anything that has been attributed to organic search, only this is a major problem in Google Analytics where they are always ‘not provided/not set’ etc. I wondering if because Matomo works differently it could provide this info?


Do you mean that you want to be able to see which Google keyword people used to reach the site?
Then this is not possible, but this is not because of Matomo.
If someone finds your site on, then click on the link, Google has set a referrer policy that instruct the browser to only set the referrer to which is all that Matomo and every other software can see (you can use document.referrer in the JS console to check this).

See also What does "Keyword not defined" mean in the Referers > Search Engines keywords report? FAQ - Analytics Platform - Matomo

You can also try out Search Engine Keywords Performance - Matomo Plugins Marketplace, but this plugin also can’t change this fact, but it allows you to import the data displayed in the Google search console, so you have full data ownership over this data.

Great thanks. And if have Matomo Business Cloud account is it still an additional yearly cost for the plugin?


I think on all Cloud accounts the plugin is already included (see, but for more information about this, please contact the Cloud team (the E-Mail is at the bottom of the linked page).

Thank you very much.