Changing to a different Piwik server

For a while now I have had the following setup

  1. A dedicated server running Piwik (call it ServerA) with a website added,, that runs on Server

  2. ServerB is an Nginx server. Webpages on have their Piwik tracking code taking them to

  3. Nginx has been configured to reverse proxy the ServerA piwik installation. I mean

location ^~ /piwik/ {
proxy_pass https://IP-of-serverA/piwik/;

This has all been working perfectly. However, I have now got Piwik setup on another server, ServerC, to service a website - call it - running on the same server. In order to minimize effort and rationalize server usage I decided to do the following

  1. switch off ServerA,
  2. change the /piwik proxy pass configuration on ServerB to point to ServerC/piwik/
  3. Reload the Nginx configuration on Server B
  4. Edit /piwik/config/config.ini.php on ServerC so trusted_hosts[] now has references to ServerC AND ServerB
  5. Create a second website to monitor on the Piwik installation on ServerC

To check that it was all working property I went and visited and was taken smoothly to the Piwik installation on Server C. However, when I visit web pages on ServerB I find that my Piwik log on ServerC remains stubbornly empty. Am I missing something here? I would much appreciate any help

Please review the whole tracking process.

  1. Check the browser console on ServerB to confirm that there are tracking request to ServerC (/piwik.php resource). Check also what’s the response code (should be 204).
  2. Check access logs on ServerC (there should be these requests to piwik.php
  3. Check visitor log in your Piwik instance.