Changing labels for Download tracking


Is there a way of changing the labels which appear on the actions>downloads page which allows you to use the Title meta tag (or perhaps the name of the downloaded file) in the list rather than the URL of the link clicked?

ie. something similar to:
piwik_action_name = document.title;

which i’ve used for the actions>pages labels.

the problem I have is that I have forced Piwik to track downloads using the css class “piwik_download” on the links for my downloads, and these don’t contain the name of the file (eg. /index.php?option=com_docman&task=doc_download&gid=25&Itemid=27&lang=en)

Many thanks,


Very old question but I’m looking for the exact same thing; a way to change the labels for downloads?

We have downloads set-up like and would use the piwik_download class to track it as download. Problem is that it doesn’t show our users what file it is exactly (without clicking on it). So I would like to give it a custom label/name of the file f.e. car-brochure.pdf.

Is this possible, or would I have to resort to event tracking for this?