Changing domain for all tracked sites


Hi all-
My company tracks about 300 intranet sites on our Piwik installation. Long story short, the domain suffix (top-level domain) is changing, so instead of, it will be . (Obviously this is not the real name, but just for reference!)

All of our sites end currently end in this *.com domain. For a short period of time, the IT power-that-be will be forwarding any links that contain the .com alias to its .net counterpart, but all offices are expected to go through and fix any links that currently point to a .com site to .net.

Obviously we will need to go through and change the tracking code on each of those individual 300 sites (woooo…:unamused:) to the new .net domain (not to mention changing our Piwik installation’s URL to the .net version). Will this affect any existing statistics in our database? My guess is no, but I just want to check before we go in and mess around with it.

Thank you!


(Matthieu Aubry) #2

Hi there,

Check out this FAQ: I want to migrate Piwik and move it to a new domain or a new subdomain URL, with the same MySQL server. How should I proceed? - Analytics Platform - Matomo