Changes in browser.yml


As mentioned in 301 Moved Permanently I’ve changed browser.yml cause I wanted to see IE 11 tracked as IE 11 and not as “unknown” (there is no problem with the tracking itself). The changes made had no effect. I even changed the version for IE 8,9+10 to 88, 99 and 100 to see if these changes take place – nothing happens. Is there a cache for the parsed yml-files? How can I assure that a changed yml-file really is processed?


can you post the server get line that is causing the unknown?

(Matthieu Aubry) #3

Yes the file should be picked up. To check your changes work as expected it would help to setup unit tests

See matomo/ at master · matomo-org/matomo · GitHub

then you do the following:

  1. add user agent to the fix userAgentParserEnhancedFixtures.yml
  2. cd piwik/tests/PHPUnit
  3. phpunit Plugins/UserAgentParserEnhancedTest.php

and you can see directly if the changes work - does it help?


Please see 301 Moved Permanently