Changelogs for Paid plugins


We regularly get updates to the paid plugins from InnoCraft and the like but there’s never any changelog information which would be useful if only to keep up with any feature changes or bugs that might have affected/skewed things.

Could plugin authors start providing that info somewhere or make it easier to find if it’s already out there.


(Lukas Winkler) #2

Hi there,

All Premium Plugins should have a file. You can see it in the zip you can download here or in the plugins/PluginName/ directory.

I hope this solves your use case,




There is no file in the CustomReports archive. We need to know what’s changed before upgrading, is there a changelog for the CustomRerports plugin somewhere?

(Jason) #4


The changelog file is not currently available. The plugins will be updated over the next few weeks and these will contain a changelog. Can you please wait until the next update of the plugin to retrieve the changelog.