Changed referral type at midnight (AM 12)



I am happy with using Piwik.
But, I have a like this problem as below case.

when one of my clients ongoing to website via Campaign, for example campaign name is PPPP at 11:30 PM
so i can get log with referral type is Campaign.

and then this client have a conversion after midnight, for example at 12:10 AM next day.
so this Client must get a conversion information with referral type is Campaign, referral name is PPPP.
but this Client get referral type is Direct Entry.

The conversion information of like this case of all of Clients have changed referral type is Direct Entry from the Campaign.

in my configuration file, session time is like this.
visit_standard_length = 86400

Please give me the any comment.

thanks and sorry for my English skill.


how about session timeout expire?
I tested on my server.
when change the date to next day, user session expired even though session time is still remain.

for example,

in configuration file (config.ini.php)
visit_standard_length = 1800 (30 minutes)

11:50 PM : I go into the site with Campain, // result, referrer_type = 6 (Campaign)
00:10 AM : move to the another page. // result, referrer_type = 1 (Direct entry)

referrer type must be 6 (Campaign), right?
but why referrer type changed to Direct Entry?

(Kuba Bomba) #3

Piwik forces a new visit after midnight. That’s the reason why referrer is set to direct entry, as the first action after midnight doesn’t have the referrer set.

You can change this behaviour here: piwik/global.ini.php at 2.16.0 · matomo-org/piwik · GitHub


OK. I see. thanks so much.

and I have one question, I use piwik 2.15.0, also this function available or not in this version?
I can not find “create_new_visit_after_midnight = 1” this option in global.ini.php


(Kuba Bomba) #5

It was added in Piwik 2.16.


Thank you so much.:heart_eyes: