Change superuser username


Hi I need to change superuser username. How can i do that.?


(Matthieu Aubry) #2

In the database table piwik_user you may change the “login” column to the new super user username


Hi Matt, Thanks for the response. I have tried it and it didn’t worked. i got this error message “Error: Wrong Username and password combination.”


Matt, it seems that there are a several tables where Piwik stores login name… For example: piwik_access, piwik_report, piwik_segment, piwik_user, piwik_user_dashboard and piwik_user_language. I’m affraid that he needs to update all of them.

BTW, why don’t you use “login” column only for piwik_user table? I think you should add there a new column “iduser” as a primary key and use it for the rest tables.


Hi ptecza, i think i have resolved it by creation new user and given him super admin access by changing superuser_access to 1 in piwik_user. and deleted the old super user.


Hello bhagath!

Yes, it’s also a solution. Maybe not too elegant, but quick and effective :slight_smile: