Change Logo Size In CSS or Code

Hello, I have been trying for a few hours to change the logo size in the Matomo installation. I am using Mobious theme, and have tried the following:

Changing the hardcoded size in simplelayoutheader.tpl
Changed CSS/LESS size in header.less
Specified the new style on several other stylesheets with the !important tag to overwrite the current setting.

So far nothing has worked. Can anyone point me in the right direction?


Do you by chance mean the Morpheus (the default) theme?

That template is only used for error pages.

Matomo caches the LESS->CSS compilations. After you modify a file, you need to delete the cached files in tmp/.

The “proper” way to do this that also works after updates (because you don’t modify any files) is to create a trivial theme with a CSS rule that does what you want: