Cdt-parameter/ time zone issue

I am working with the tracking http api and using the parameter cdt to overwright the time beeing tracked. My time zone is Europe/Berlin. That means plus one hour compared to greenwich time.

When I set cdt (for example) to cdt=2014-01-23 08:00:00 (url-encoded and token-auth ist set) it seems that Piwik interprets the time 8:00 o’clock as greenwich-time. With my time zone beeing Europe/Berlin Piwik adds the one hour time zone difference and I get a wrong time tracked.

So my question is this:
Is there a parameter for the time zone? (haven’t found one in the docu)
Is there another possibility to tell piwik the time zone? (maybe in the cdt parameter?)
Or am I completly wrong and somebody knows another solution to this problem?


The datetime to Piwik must be sent all in UTC. I updated the documentation to make this clear Added mention that the datetime must be in UTC. · matomo-org/developer-documentation@fcd4940 · GitHub