CDN support

Should be nice if Piwik could support CDN so the tracking js files could be loaded fast fron any place in the world.

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Cloudflare provides this: piwik - - The best FOSS CDN for web related libraries to speed up your websites!, but it needs to be updated to latest versions.

But it would be much nicer if you can set a variable for your wanted frontend CDN URL so you know what content is served / is under your control… :wink:

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You’re right ! It would be great to have CDN support.

should be nice to see a responds from Piwik.

+1 here, it sounds natural for Piwik to use CDN.

Hi guys,

What do you mean by “CDN support in Piwik”? Could you maybe explain what is the value to you, as well as how it could be supported in Piwik (in your opinion)?

Can´t this be done by just changing the javascript snippet a bit ?


instead of:


we are about to switch to Alibaba Cloud CDN, will that work?