Categories tree structure not showing


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I’ve been playing with piwik for few weeks on a windows environment and I was getting good results; however now I tried on a linux environment and the “categories tree structure” is not happening anymore, meaning it is not grouping, it just shows every URL page on each line like:


As far as I can tell from the online documentation, there is nothing special I need to do to get this working, do I? I thought that was the default.

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Thanks in advance.


also noticed that under the Visitor Log, the Actions URL are displayed like: http%3A%2F%2Fmywebsite%2Fview%2Fdetail.asp



one more, custom variables dont get displayed, I can see that are sent in the URL, but i do ot see them in the UI.

what could be missing?

BTW, I installed the latest piwik version.

(Matthieu Aubry) #4

can you please post screenshots showing the problem?



attached are sample screen shots for the problem with the Categories tree structure not showing at the Actions/Pages and the Page/Titles reports.

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What is your website URL (PM with link to this post if private)

Also, what is your Piwik JS code used?


Found the problem, related to Ticket #1747.


(hightechguy) #8

related to Ticket #1747.[/quote]


I’m having the same problem. Can you please post a link to the “Ticket #1747”?