Categories / Group sites in All Websites

Hi Piwik Team!

You doing a great job! I use Piwik for a year now and it works next to perfect!

My proposition (something that I really need) is:

To group or categories sites in “All Website” tab, so just add attribute to each site that can be Group1, Group2 etc and then you can filter by this attribute showing them in All websites. For example I track 10 sites of one client and 10 sites of another client. Once I have 20 clients, I can’t just install 20 piwik sites, but I need to provide clients with information about their set of sites like visits for example. Now I do it manually by exporting data of all sites and choosing only those that I need.

Maybe I missing some plugin or don’t know how to do it, in this case any hints will be much appreciated.


What you should do is:

  • create a piwik user for each of your clients
  • assign to this user the permission to view all the client websites
  • then the All Websites dashboard for tihs user will only show his websites.

Wow! This works!

Thank you!

Using Piwik accounts works for this specific example, but I would really like a feature like this in Piwik still.

I would really suggest the ability to apply tags to websites, and then filter on those tags. I’d like to see stats aggregated for all my WordPress sites, then all my MediaWiki sites, then all my sites on server-a versus server-b. You get the point.

We’ve just released a new plugin which could really helpful to you: Roll-Up Reporting aggregates data from multiple websites, mobile apps and shops into a Roll-Up site to gain new insights and save time.

Roll-Up ReportingRoll-Up Reporting lets you aggregate data from multiple websites and apps into one single site. It lets you answer questions like “How many visits happened on all of my websites and apps?” and “Which campaigns contributed the most across several of my websites?” or “How do my various Brands overall compare with each other?” When you have several shops (eg white-labels) it is very valuable to see how your ecommerce shops are performing overall. Or when you are a web agency and you are serving many customers and want to provide each customer with a single aggregate view of all their web properties. Roll-Up Reporting lets you analyze this aggregated data in one site so easily. It saves you lots of time and helps you gain the insights you need instantly.

The Roll-Up Reporting User Guide and the
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