Case sensitive problem


Default.aspx and default.aspx are considered as different pages…is there any solution for this ?

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Someone correct me if i’m being wrong but i was under the impression that on most linux based web servers, default.aspx and Default.aspx would be differents pages anyway.
But then, does linux based servers are able to run ASP things or is this a IIS (MS) only thing ?

My way of doing things is to only have lowercase files and directories names, and always use lowercase in the HTML source.

Edit :

Also, Piwik record URLs being clicked.
If all of your internals links would be lowercase, Piwik would only record lowercase URLs.

It often happen to me that Piwik record different URLs for the same page because some external site replaced characters like " ! " with a % encoded string.
Or anything like that.

Seeing this same problem. While some websites (like those running on Linux) are case sensitive others are not (like those on Windows).

I have seen cases like:
all showing separately but in fact are all the same page.

Seems like we need a Site level configuration option to specify whether the URLs are case sensitive or not on that site, and have Piwik use that info to handle them properly.

Can you try the FAQ: How to - Analytics Platform - Matomo

please let me know if it works for you

I was considering that. But seems like a hack.

Hacking the tracker code is common thing when using Piwik.

While this “hack” would set any URL tracked to lowercase even if there really is some upper case in some pages names, i dont think it would change it for links on others sites.

I think a mod rewrite rule on our sites could do this better but even though i used mod rewrite much more in the past few years, i dont know all there is to know about it.

Trying this out. thanks guys…

is here a way to run asp files whihc is related to winodwes can i run it on linux on virul windows