Cart changes are not showing in Ecommerce Log


I have added Ecommerce tracking with these instructions:

I have set events for product view, cart update and adding product to order.

Now when I look at the Ecommerce log, I see bolded events for “Ecommerce order” or “Abandoned cart”. But I do not see the events for “Cart update” as in the introduction video (timestap 00:37) .

It would be logical that the cart change events have been logged, as the abandoned carts show up in the Ecommerce log.

If you have Ecommerce tracking set up, do you see the cart update events in the Ecommerce log or is the introduction video outdated or showing some future version of the Ecommerce Log?

Hi @tiinacra
It seems the video is a little old… Now, there are some icons for events (Page view, Abandoned cart, etc.).
In the Matomo demo site, cart change is logged as standard custom event, whereas Abandoned cart and Ecommerce order are logged as ecommerce specific events. I don’t know if this is the expected behavior or not:

Thank you for your answer @heurteph-ei , I had not seen the Matomo demo site.
That confirms that the “Cart change” events should be visible in the Ecommerce log, but for some reason our log does not show them.

I have no idea what can be wrong, the events have been set up as the documentation advises. This is what we have:

       var _paq = window._paq = window._paq || [];
      _paq.push(["addEcommerceItem","AO_BiXyASDuW1Jgtk7nyNw","This is a product name","categoryX",20]);
      _paq.push(['trackEcommerceCartUpdate', 20]);

Does custom events need some sort of set up on the Matomo side?

Purchase events show up in the same way as in the demo, the problem is the missing “Cart change” events.

Doing on my side, it seems:
The addEcommerceItem + trackEcommerceCartUpdate does not display event in the visit / ecommerce log. It is just used for Ecommerce order and Abandoned Cart ecommerce events…
Probably the demo uses also a standard custom event in addition of addEcommerceItem + trackEcommerceCartUpdate methods…?