Can't seem to get very much out of the API

I am rather disappointed so far with the results I am getting from calls to the API. For example:

Actions.getDownloads (idSite, period, date, expanded = ‘’, idSubtable = ‘’)

I get top-level information back about the number of downloads … but how do I get the breakdown for each downloaded file?

What does the “expanded” parameter do?

I find the API documentation not really sufficient to show me how to get down to the information I want. I would like to build my own list of URLs and for each simply get a number back for how many hits it got in the last day/week/month. But the API does not seem to make this easy

Would be grateful for any help

Thanks for feedback, I added ‘expanded’ documentation at the bottom of:…ionalparameters

Thanks, that’s very helpful …

I’d still like to be able to come at the information from the other direction ie I supply URL as parameter and get back last day, last week, last month information for that single URL

It’s a different perspective on the data: rather than asking what got hit in this last period, I would like to ask, here is some specific stuff, give me back its history of when it was hit at different times

I am trying to produce my own specific report structure for perceived hotspots in our website structure … so that is why this perspective would be very useful to me

Thanks again for your prompt response style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/biggrin.gif

You can find of do this, for example downloads over the last 3 days…

Oh great thanks! Now I see how the filters work too!

Problem solved