Cant revert back to hierarchical report after clicking on flatten report

In eCommerce —> sales → campaigns
I clicked on flatten report

I got this
The DataTable cannot be manipulated: Metadata for report Referrers.getCampaigns could not be found. You can define the metadata in a hook, see example at:

my problem is that I can not revert back to hierarchical reports

My piwik has many ecommerce sites i manage with a lot of data
How can I revert back to hierarchical?


This is the screen I am getting

Issue was solved after a few hours -
i got the flat tables and was able to revert back to the Hierarchical

Hey @Yonatan_Ido, how did you solve it? I have the same issue, see screenshot

here, the error message I get on top of the page:

I have Piwik 2.16.0

Hi there, please upgrade to Piwik 3 where this issue should be fixed :+1: let us know if you have any feedback