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Hi Friends,
I haven’t been able to open the Piwik website. I was looking for the faq at FAQ Archive - Analytics Platform - Matomo. When I paste that URL into Firefox (or use shortcut), it tries to load endlessly, and never opens a page. A few days ago, it was giving me the “can’t find sever” error. But now, the blue circle goes around and around, and never resolves to anything.

Did the site move somewhere else? I really wanted the help files, but I thought I could find them from the faq page.

Thanks for your help :slightly_smiling:


Strange. It works for me. You could try its historic snapshot as a workaround: FAQ Archive - Analytics Platform - Piwik


Yes that page opens. It’s text only, but it opens.

I wonder if I could have accidentally blocked it through some security app?? Although I have no idea where to start looking for that. I’ll post if I find anything. But it seems like I would be getting some kind of alert if that was the case.


Well, maybe "read only " isn’t the right word. It’s text only, no graphics.

A while ago, a site I visit had been mistakenly added to the hosts file. But I don’t find in the file.

I don’t think any of my security programs would block a site without any alert or message.

Whoa!! It looks like Spybot S&D has a different hosts file, and it DOES include! Normally I manually install MVPS Hosts files, but I didn’t realize SSD was using a different list.

I guess I can remove it for myself. (If not, will probably uninstall SSD!) But I guess someone will want to contact them.

Attached is a screenshot.


Yes, that solved it! I have now :slightly_smiling:

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Hi @brynn Glad you could resolve the issue. it would be great if you could notify Spybot to let them exclude from their blacklist, since does not do any tracking… it is actually blocked by mistake!

(Atlas Marble) #7

Thank you for reply. I had same problem