Can't login into the stat (wrong password/user)

hey guys,

I’m new to piwik and wanted to install it on one webpage.

everything ran smoothely (so it seemed). but after the install i couldn log into piwik. i looked into my db and saw that the user I created in the install wasn’t there (just anonymous-user)

after that i tried to paste my user manually in the database and still cant login :frowning:

help pls

I suggest replacing the /piwik/config/config.ini.php with a fresh one out of the .zip, that should trigger the installation process again - and hopefully your user will be properly configured on the 2nd attempt :wink:

So long,

there isnt a config.ini in the zip…just a config.ini.sample

is that the file?

Ah… the config.ini.php usually is created during the installation-process… Let’s get away from the small stuff - as it is a fresh installation, just delete the whole Piwik-folder and reinstall it, should be the easiest way.

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thx, I’ll try that. should I maybe try another browser for installing? or doesn’t that influence the process? (I used chrome)

edit: dont know if it had to do something with it, but i reinstalled piwik with firefox…now it works

1.8.2 Seems to sometimes have some issues while installing, thus I tend to suggest re-installing as it is a new installation :wink: I usually use Firefox, so I can’t tell whether the choice of browser makes any difference, sorry.

So long,

no problem

but thx for the advice on reinstalling :smiley: