Can't log in via https using Piwik 2 mobile app


I installed Piwik recently and had no problems until I tried to use https. I’ve now added an SSL certificate to my domain and can log in to Piwik from a browser at https://mydomain . The problem is that I can’t log in securely to https://mydomain using the Piwik 2 iOS app. I can log in to http://mydomain but when attempting an https connection I get a 403 error.

I looked on the FAQ and forums but there doesn’t seem to be anything listed yet, other than How do I force Piwik to use SSL (https) for improved security? - Analytics Platform - Matomo which just says to make sure Piwik is configured for https but doesn’t say how to do this.

Any help or advice appreciated.


Hi hughR,

SSL should work without any issues. Are you using maybe Basic Auth in addition? If so, have a look here: Mobile App - Analytics Platform - Matomo

Do you have access to your server logs otherwise? You might want to have a look there. 403 means your server understood the request but refuses to take any further action.

Send us an email ( hello(at) ) with your domain if you want and I’ll have a quick look in the logs if I get a more detailed error message.