Can't invalidate reports for days


I’m trying to invalidate reports in the console for Matomo. It works fine for weeks and months but when I look in Matomo the data is still there if I choose time period days.

How come? I’m pretty confused.

These are the commands I have run:
./console core:delete-logs-data --dates=2022-09-20,2022-11-15 --idsite=3
./console core:invalidate-report-data --dates=2022-09-20,2022-11-15 --sites=3
./console core:archive --force-date-range=2022-09-20,2022-11-15 --force-idsites=3


Hi @Niklas_Ternstedt
when you invalidate reports, data don’t disappear… It just indicates the Matomo archive process that the data have to be processed again.
This is also the case when the archive process works on the data of the day. Reports are generated, but data are not valid because the current day is not terminated. But data are available in order to let you see them :wink: