Can't get trigger to work on mtm.clickElementClasses containing text

I am trying to fire an trigger when the clickElementClasses contains track-card-1.

Looking at the Data Layer of the event, it appears it should trigger but is not. This is what I see in the data when AllElementsClick event happens.

Pushed data by this event
{ "event": "mtm.AllElementsClick", "mtm.clickElement": {}, "mtm.clickElementId": null, "mtm.clickElementClasses": "title track-card-1", "mtm.clickText": "SEND A CARD", "mtm.clickNodeName": "H4", "mtm.clickElementUrl": null }

This is the trigger I have setup and not firing.

Any ideas what I am missing?

Try “Click Classes” (not Click Element) … contains … track-card-1