Can't get matomo.js to be downloaded in firefox browsers

Hi everyone!

I recently installed matomo 4.16.0 in the same server that hosts the webpage to be tracked. This webpage is only available on my corporate intranet and has a self signed certificate tha is applied by the apache on the webpage and in matomo acess (so i dont get any warning from matomo app about https).

After open the console on firefox i get an error getting matomo.js from that origin (the same error in this video If I double click to open the resource, the script is shown and the problem is gone, and i can’t reproduce it anymore.

I know this problem is related to try to get the resource from an untrustful url with http instead of https. Is possible to bypass the error with an apache configuration, force_ssl=1 configuration, or changing the tracking code in the webpage? Every change made so far was unsucessful as I did only get differente browse errors.

Thanks for any help!

Bonjour @guilhermerama
J’ai trouvé cela :

Sinon, peut-être est-il possible d’héberger votre matomo sur le même domaine que le site traqué ?