Can't finish the installation


I’ve uploaded and unzipped alle the Matomo-files to InfinityFree server.
So far no problem.

But the next step - opening the welcome-screen - won’t work because I don’t know what the URL is to that page/file?

Can anyone help me with this?

With regards,

Hello Peter,

I understand you’ve successfully uploaded and unzipped the Matomo files to your InfinityFree server, which is great progress! To access the welcome screen, you need to know the URL of the Matomo installation on your server.

Typically, the URL should be in the following format:

Replace your domain with your actual domain name. If you’ve installed Matomo in a subdirectory or a specific folder, adjust the URL accordingly.

If you are unsure about the exact URL, you can check your file structure on the server. Navigate to the location where you uploaded the Matomo files, and the welcome screen should be accessible by appending “/matomo” to your domain.

Once you have the correct URL, access it through your web browser, and you should be greeted with the Matomo welcome screen, where you can proceed with the setup and configuration.

If you encounter any further issues or need additional assistance, don’t hesitate to ask. Best of luck with your Matomo installation!

Kind regards,

Goodmorning Mart,

Thank you… it worked
In the end, that url is without http or www
Just the domain name + the Matomo folder.

So, now for the rest, but I already succeeded in a previous installation
Yours sincerely

Peter Zondervan

so close…but:
hmm. I still need some more help…

what do i fill in at: ‘server database’?

Actually also this is a problem:
server database: localhost
inloggen: is that the mysql username at Infinityfree?
password: the Infinityfree cpanel password?

with regards,

Hello Mart,
update 22-07 10:30
I don’t need anymore help… it all works fine
I’ve used a previous instalation and added my new website
how simple can i be (if you know what you are doing!).

with regards