Can't find the Javascript code to re-add to my site

(tapper) #1

I have installed Piwik on 6 Zen Cart sites. 5 work perfectly, the 6th is returning no data. I put the JScript code in the same (relative) location in all of the sites, at the end of the tpl_footer.php for each template. It worked brilliantly on the first 5: I uploaded the file, went to a site, and within 30 seconds Piwik recorded my own visit. The only difference is that the first 5 also have Google, Quantcast and Yahoo tracking code down there. All work fine together. The 6th site only has Piwik and returns no data at all.

I want to get a fresh copy of the jscript code and re-create the file, but I can’t find it in the Admin.

Under Settings the description of SiteManager says
"Websites Management in Piwik: Add a new Website, Edit an existing one, Show the Javascript code to include on your pages. All the actions are also available through the API. "

So I go to the API menu and the jscript tag is not there, just the token and some other code. There’s nothing called “Site Manager”. Clicking the name Site Manager on the Settings page sends me to

What am I missing? I’m sure it’s in here somewhere, but I can’t find it.

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Hi tapper,

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Please go to (top right) Settings -> Sites Tab -> ‘show code’ (link)

Hope this helps!