Can't filter by dates prior to installation date

We installed piwik on 2017-09-04 and made a load of legacy usage data from the years 2016 and 2017 through the API. The problem is that we were not able to filter the usage data for dates less than the piwik installation date, if we select the filter option per year the data only appears for the year 2017, however if we select the filter by period, month, etc. the earliest available date is 2017-09-04.

That’s because Piwik has to pre-process this (new) data first. Please have a look at this FAQ article: How do I force the reports to be re-processed from the logs? - Analytics Platform - Piwik

Hi @peterbo , hi @matthieu, I am getting the same issue here - I installed Piwik recently, and loaded utilization data since Jan 2016 (for 50% of my sites), using the API.

After sending tracking data I checked ts_created column from ‘piwik_site’ table and it´s correct (sites for which I loaded previous info are showing dates from Jan 4th/2016 on). I also checked piwik_log_visit table (I see the loaded records where visit_last_action_time are in the correct date range).

Tried recommendations below, from the FAQ article, but they did not work - “All Websites” view only allows me to pick dates after install date:

  • deleted all content from all piwik_archive_* tables (tried dropping them also, no luck)
  • called the API to invalidate and reprocess previous reports on a few dates - I get the msg "Success. The following dates were invalidated successfully "
  • ran console script ./console core:archive --force-all-websites --force-all-periods=…
    this gave me:
    INFO [2017-10-31 12:25:19] Total visits for today across archived websites: 6
    INFO [2017-10-31 12:25:19] Archived today’s reports for 26 websites
    INFO [2017-10-31 12:25:19] Archived week/month/year for 26 websites
    INFO [2017-10-31 12:25:19] Skipped 0 websites

    INFO [2017-10-31 12:25:19] Total API requests: 104
    INFO [2017-10-31 12:25:19] done: 26/26 100%, 6 vtoday, 26 wtoday, 26 wperiods, 104 req, 573377 ms, no error
  • I verified, after steps above, information from archived (blob and numeric) tables, and it presents data from 2016 on.
  • Verified the dashboard page for some of those sites I loaded data, and “Visits Over Time” plugin shows previous information correctly - the issue is only in “All Web Sites” view.

Any other ideas? I wonder if we can only filter dates for “All Web Sites” based on the most recent site(s).

Many thanks!

If data is reported on the dashboard, it should be reported in the All Websites overview as well. Did you use other time periods for All Websites? Perhaps the weekly / monthly / yearly archiving failed (due to e.g. memory limitations, etc.)

Thanks Peter, and yes, I tried (with no luck), and agree it should be reported. Logs (and screen responses) didn´t show errors…
Anyway, somehow (not sure exactly how it was triggered) after creating a new website and tracking data for it this combo showed up the options for previous data for all sites.