Cant connect to Search Engine Keywords Performance with google or bing/yahoo

We have som issues connecting to Search Engine Keywords Performance with both Google and Bing/ Yahoo.

With google the first problem is when trying to import the OAuth2 file. If I select the file and give the configuration a name for exampel “test” I get the message “An error occured while saving the client config. Please check if the config provided is valid, and try again.”. But if I dont give the configuration a name it is succesfull.

Using the no name config I start the oauth process. Im redirected to google login-page. After login I first get the choice to let Matomo acces my search console data, after accepting I get a nother window asking me to confirm this.

When I confirm I get redirected back to Matomo and get the errormessage “An error occurred within the OAuth process. Please try again and ensure you accept the requested permissions.
cURL error 77: (see”

According to the url of the error message it has something to do with a SLL cert but is it mine or theirs?

With Bing/Yahoo API - key I get the error-message

“An error occurred while validating the API Key: curl_exec: TCP connection reset by peer. Hostname requested was: If you have just generated this API key in Bing Webmaster Tools please try again in one or two minutes (API keys in Bing Webmaster Tools take a little while to be activated).”

I created the key mor than 24 hours ago.

Any idées

Hi There,

Can you provide us with screenshots of your google console config pages to We can troubleshoot further with you there.