Can't change user account password

We have an internally hosted Piwik server. We need to change the password for the admin account. When we click on the “change password” screen, we receive the verification email, but once we click on the verification link, the login page has this error on it.

Error: The Piwik configuration file (config/config.ini.php) is not writable, some of your changes might not be saved.
Please change permissions of the config file to make it writable.

I can remote into the Windows server that hosts this application. What do I need to check in terms of permissions to this file? I can view the current permissions to the whole wwwroot directory.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


It looks like the webserver cannot write to the config file… The super user password is in that file,so it must be writable

That was my understanding. So how do I fix that? What account does the web server use to write to that file\folder?

Good news, this is changing in the next version. We are moving super user to DB and add feature to create several super users. Stay tuned or use latest beta !