Can't calculate unique visitors in custom report

I am trying to figure out the unique visitors for our site, but whenever I create a custom report I get this message:

|These metrics were removed because they cannot be calculated correctly for this period: Unique visitors.|

I followed the instructions here ( so I’m unsure of what I’m doing wrong. I do have filters on the report as I just need the data for a specific set of pages. Could that be causing my issues?


Unique visitors and unique page views may be disabled for “yearly” and “period” in your date selector.
If you use a OnPremise version of Matomo, you can change this configurtation in your “config.ini.php” file.
If you use a Matomo Cloud version, you may request the support for this change ?


Thanks! It appears you are correct - when I set it to the “day” view, it populates for uniques. I’ll pass this on to our dev team to update. Thank you so much!