Cant Add Site with PaydayLoans in the URL?

This is the craziest thing I have ever seen… For some reason I cant add any site that has “paydayloans” in the URL… I can add “payday”, I can add “loans”, I can add “paydayoans”, but if it has “paydayloans” in the domain name, it will not work.

can anyone shed some light on this or try to reproduce it?

I have upgraded to the latest version as well!

Surprising maybe you use a PHP security module or something similar?

is there any error shown on screen? Or in your server error logs?

Is it possible your server ISP has some sort of firewall web setup as that word can be considered similar to spam in some cases.

I get “Oops … problem during the request, please try again.” and then it just sits there and says "Loading data… " where “Add A new Website” would be…

I dont think its my host, as these domains are hosted there. I have even gone into MySQL and updated the record to the correct domain URL, but Piwik wont track any data for that domain.

Can someone try to reproduce the error in their setup? Just put in “” or whatever…

Very, very strange!

ok I have added the domain and it works on my piwik 1.9.1. I was wondering is it possible you have a weird language keyboard setting? can you try and change it to another then back and see if its related to a input issue?

Also delete your browser cache and see if that helps or try another browser.

I took your advice and tried adding a “viagra” domain and it bombed too, so it must be some type of SPAM filter like you suggested… My host is working on it now!