Cant Add New Website since 1.9.1 update


I upgraded to 1.9.1 Piwik, I now can’t add a new website, edit an existing one or delete one. I can view the tracking code.

When I hover over the icons and click nothing happens- other than that my existing sites are still working I can see the traffic stats updating - I have tried in FIrefox and Chrome.

Server is cPanel/WHM cent OS.

THere is no javascript errors in the console.

Any thoughts?

Can you add or delete reportlets or create a new dashboard? Is there any odd files in your /tmp folder? Maybe back those up and try deleting them to see if it works after.

good luck

I can create reports, schedule them and create new dashboards all no problems.

I checked my /tmp folder i have assets, cache, latest, sessions, tcpdf and templates_c subdirectories

I cleared out the cache folder but same result - should I clear the all the contents of tmp or just the contants of the subdirectories, there seems to be various files in the subdirectory but I don’t know if removing them is going to break things further…

Hmmm dont delete the tmp stuff try this firts. Can you check the php.ini memory settings? What are they? If the are below 96M then try bumping it up to 256M or 512M then restart apache.

I have PHP at 256M - Apache has been restarted - I previously have never had any issues with Piwik in 2 years - I haven’t gone to add a website in a while but went to so it yesterday and couldn’t, the only recent change is the upgrade to 1.9.1 and I have added my site to Cloudflare but cant see any issues there.

ah ha went back to Cloudflare and switched Rocker Loader to manual - all OK now - thanks for trying to help me lesjokolat

@neilgee Can you please let me know in one sentence, what is required for CloudFlare users to use Piwik?

I would like to add a FAQ for this to help other users of cloudflare.


Hi Matt - 2 things are needed, if you control your own VPS or dedicated Apache server.

Install an Apache module called mod_cloudflare which allows the real IP addresses of the searches to populate through to logs, stats etc including Piwik.

If this is not installed you will only see the default IP addresses in your Piwik stats that belong to the Cloudflare ,which are:

How to install mod_cloudflare - Installing mod_cloudflare on cPanel « TL Tech

If you are on shared hosting and don’t control your Apache config, ask your hosting provider to install the module.

The other thing is on the actual Cloudflare settings under ‘Performance Settings’ is to set the ‘Rocket Loader’ option to either manual or off.


Thansk for that, I added the CloudFlare FAQ at: Installation - Analytics Platform - Matomo