Can't add new goals since 2.10.0

Since upgrading to 2.10.0 I can’t add new goals, see attached file.

Lade Daten …Lade Daten …

[attachment 2071 scr_787.jpg]

P.S: upgrade was performed automatically without errors

Hi Cheerio,
It works fine for me

when you open your browser console can you look at the HTTP request and see if there is an error message ?

Hi Matt, thx for your quick reply.

Tested some entries…

All went fine until you add the second “/” of “http://” in the link…

[attachment 2072 scr_790.jpg]

[attachment 2074 scr_792.jpg]

Now I try to add the second “/”

[attachment 2075 scr_793.jpg]

Hope I could help.

I have the similar problem. We are using piwik for some months already. From the begining i’ve add some goals, but piwik doesn’t show me statisic by them.
Maybe the problem is that we are using Server Log File Analytics, but do not put the Javascript code to the site?

Hi guys, we would like to fix this bug. please create an issue in our tracker at: Issues · matomo-org/piwik · GitHub
explaining how to reproduce the bug and a screenshot. we’ll investigate, thanks!

Thanks, we’ve created an issue in your tracker at: []