Can't Add a New User, Error: 'Proteus_Bold/Proteus_Bold.php' Not Valid

Hey peeps…

I Can’t Add a New User to my Piwik

I get Error: 'The plugin filename ‘Proteus_Bold/Proteus_Bold.php’ is not a valid plugin name"

When I click on ‘Administration’ I get the page below and it is not correct, shows the error above

Any ideas?

Thank you!

Have you enabled some plugins recently? Could you maybe disable all non-core plugins?

I am not able to access anything to make changes as it redirects me always to …

How can I get around this and fix or remove or reset all the plugins?

I did not change/add any plugins lately, for like 6 months.

Looks like an issue with this theme:
You can disable plugins/themes in your config.ini.php file. Do you have required access to change this file?

Hi Quba,

Even i am facing the same issue. Can you please help me on this?
Where can i access this config.ini.php file.

It would be great if you could help me resolve this?

Thanks in advance.

This file is in you codebase. Go to Piwik_root/config/config.ini.php

I removed one line under this section (below) on config.ini.php that mentioned Proteus

Relaunched Piwik and still get same error, what can I DO?

What about [Plugins] section? Please also clear cache after doing it (just to make sure everything’s checked). I mean tmp/*

I just removed the plugin (theme) & all works good.

Hi, I’ve just update to Piwik 2.16.1 and same issue began.

removing that “theme” from config.ini.php was not enough… I had to delete whole folder of that theme. Now it is working.

Hello , I had same problem with Plugin Proteus_Bold!!
Solution in my case at least was to remove dir in plugins with
rm -r [piwik root folder]/plugins/Proteus_Bold/