Cannot track pages changes in SPA-like use case

Use case : I want to track click on buttons as page changes.
So I implemented the following example :

My problem : The custom pages names do not appear in Behaviour > Pages. One entry is shown :

But all my next tests are not shown, even if they are tracked in anothers widgets. I cannot add another media, but the tests URL are shown in Behaviour > Transition or Visitor > Visits Log

Edit : Other pages are not shown, even if they is a real page change.

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If you use some popular SPA framework, maybe you can use some dedicated tracking client:

After long minutes, date started to appear in the page :

OK, that was just the time to archive (compile) raw data into report data…

How long does it take for pages to display in behavior > Pages when the user clicks the button?

Depends on how you configured the archiving process: